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Arbor Dale is a community of people who gather to give glory to Jesus Christ.  It is a family of faith where you can experience the welcome of God and the fellowship of his Spirit.  As we worship, make disciples and demonstrate God's love we seek to be a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled congregation full of grace that is fixed upon God's word

Our vision

Worshiping the Lord, Making Disciples, Demonstrating God's Love.

What we do

We have many different ministries for all ages so whether you are a seeker with questions about God or a committed Christian looking for a place to grow we would love to see you.

Our Community

We are a small church located in Banner Elk, that is committed to learning more about Jesus and sharing it with the people in our community.

History of Arbor Dale

Arbor Dale started in 1903 as a Sunday School for ‘mountain people’ who wouldn’t go to the ‘city church.’  Along with Fannie Taylor, Edgar Tufts came to the people on Blood Mountain and what started as a Sunday School became a chapel that became a church that is thriving in the mountains to this day.  Arbor Dale is a place where people who grew up on this road gather along with people who call this their second home.  Whether you are from here or got here as fast as you could, we would love to have you join us in worship, in service, in fellowship.


Thomas (Tee) Gatewood III

Youth/Worship Directors
Andrew Goins

Bethany Goins


Arbor Dale is a Presbyterian Church.  That means that it is led by presbuteros (greek for elders, wise ones, or you might say mature disciples)...


The church is a body made of many parts connected in love.  We are connected to other local churches and ministries.

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